Spending the last few years at home, we have found much more interesting ways to have fun than meeting in public. When it comes to spending more time indoors, we get creative in the search for a fun and interesting hobby that will relax us from routine tasks and commitments. Let your eyes rest from standing in front of the computer, allow the mind to work and be engaged. Wooden puzzles continue to be a great aid against stress, depression, and even serious problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Putting together a puzzle helps the mind at every stage of life because it will make you think as you try to reach the ultimate goal without the intervention of another person. You do not need to do anything but your hands, and as a last resort you can resort to guidance if the complexity is higher.

What are the health benefits of putting together a wooden puzzle?

  • Maintains your memory for a longer period of time and expands your knowledge

The fine motor skills of the hands improve as you work with the small pieces of the puzzle and try to put them in the right place. At the same time, you develop your creative mind, memory and cognitive abilities. As early as the second century BC in China, it was found that the practice of handicraft activities had a beneficial effect on human mental health. Excessive use of your computer and TV does not stimulate brain activity, on the contrary! The relationship between the hands and the mind has been the subject of much modern research. Tactile stimuli activate brain areas that are involved in your long-term memory along with cognitive functions. That’s why it’s important to start dementia prevention before the age of 50, using hand and memory games. And wooden puzzles are a long-term investment and a great way to unload from the busy everyday life. You can choose different in complexity and vision and upgrade every day.

  • It has a calming effect

If you are too enthusiastic about a particular event or nervous, this can affect concentration and adequate decision-making. The very scent of wood has a calming effect on the psyche. People who have a hobby related to woodcarving or wood modeling have been shown to feel calmer because of the meditative effect it has on the mind. The tree increases mood and motivation.

  • Develops patience and endurance

You know that solving a puzzle takes time, this is a great way to fight your patience. And the sweet satisfaction of the work done creates a sense of accomplishment that will support your confidence and self-confidence instantly. Wooden puzzles are designed to cover the experience of beginners, intermediate and experienced. So you choose at what level to make it difficult for you. As you work it out, use different strategies, test theories, and change your mind when things don’t go right.

  • Improves your concentration and imagination

Apart from the beneficial effect that wood has on your condition, it also has the same effect on the environment. Its aroma helps to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. A number of studies show that people who solve a puzzle are more focused on the workplace and have a higher level of IQ. This is because when a person is stressed his level of productivity decreases significantly. Wooden puzzles, in turn, are useful for people suffering from stroke and other neural diseases. And releasing dopamine while solving a puzzle affects mood, motivation and learning. Games related to ZD wooden puzzles require a person to think critically and use his imagination in the best way. It also involves a lot of creative thinking and observation. When arranging a wooden puzzle, especially if the parts are identical, it is important to concentrate on each detail. Namely, the ability to capture the small details can help us in various areas of life, especially at work.

  • A wonderful and unforgettable gift for any occasion

If you are wondering what to give to your loved ones on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary, or without a specific occasion – the wooden puzzle is an option. You can take one in the shape of a heart or according to the recipient’s preferences. This is a gift that will survive for a long time, you will put it in the closet and after a while you will take it out to order again.

Our advice is to carefully choose the wooden puzzles you buy to choose the best quality, well-designed and durable.

Keep using puzzles, increasing their complexity, carry them everywhere so you can use them whenever you can.