Mental development

Mental development is an important aspect of growth that encompasses various mental abilities. It begins at birth and as the child develops over time, his mental reactions change. Mental development includes such abilities as perception, observation, memorization, presentation, thinking, problem solving, as well as increasing intelligence and vocabulary development. These abilities change, grow and mature with age and decrease in old age.

In order to maintain your mental and cognitive abilities for a longer period of time, you need to develop them constantly. So don’t stop playing any games at any time.

Our clinical psychologist Dr. Anita Milusheva recommends puzzle games for adults and children as a great tool for exercising the brain. Puzzles also develop fine motor skills and coordination, improve memory, concentration, increase attention to detail and last but not least improve mood.

The mission of the Foundation for Public Benefit “Improving Health through the Development of Mental and Cognitive Abilities” (CFCA) with UIC 206601045 is to provide the public with comprehensive and reliable information on all topics related to improving and preventing mental health. Through a range of high-value content, we promote better awareness and understanding of mental well-being as a key component of overall health. In order to ensure financial independence and sustainability, in addition to our educational and socially useful activities, we also offer limited edition products that contribute to our mission to promote activities that keep the mind active and improve psychological well-being. All revenues from the economic activity of the foundation go to the development of public benefit and aim at their development in the form of training initiatives and campaigns. You can see more about the foundation on our “About Us” page.