The mission of the Foundation for the Improvement of “Health improvement via development of the mental and cognitive abilities” (HIDMCA) is to provide the community with comprehensive and reliable information on all topics related to the improvement and prevention of mental health. We promote better awareness and understanding of mental well-being as a key component of overall health. Our focus is on effective approaches to prevent mental disorders and promote activities that keep the mind active and improve psychological well-being.

We aim to give access to scientifically sound medical information to anyone who needs it. To achieve this, we need to reach as much of society as possible. In the ranks of our team there are both health experts with extensive experience and digital specialists and we know very well that we must make an effort. We warmly welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to our mission to improve the  psychological well-being. Do not hesitate to contact us if you believe that good health is the right and opportunity for everyone.

Welcome to the website of the Foundation for Public Benefit named “Health improvement via development of the mental and cognitive abilities” (HIDMCA) having UIC 206669128. The Foundation performs only activities in accordance with its mission for the benefit and development of society in a positive direction.

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