How can we use toys to improve the mental development of our children, prevent stress and slow the dementia of our elderly parents?

You are probably a parent or have one. Remember that every day we think about dozens of things, we have countless commitments, and we subconsciously understand that we cannot control time, but we must learn to manage it properly. And do we think about the health of our children, our loved ones and relatives? And [...]

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The benefits of wooden puzzles are great, not only for children but also for adults

Spending the last few years at home, we have found much more interesting ways to have fun than meeting in public. When it comes to spending more time indoors, we get creative in the search for a fun and interesting hobby that will relax us from routine tasks and commitments. Let your eyes rest from [...]

Games – the secret ingredient for successful child development

Through play, children learn how to interact with others and develop all sorts of skills they need in the course life. When it comes to play - we can differentiate it in different directions, and for each of them, the benefits are different and therefore it is good to combine them. Physical games Physical games [...]

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