It is estimated that about 50% of people over the age of eighty suffer from dementia. There are drugs and aids that can slow down the development of the disease, but we can not talk about total treatment to date.

Dementia is a loss of cognitive function that involves thinking, reasoning and remembering. These are activities that interfere with the performance of many activities of daily living. Unfortunately, some people with dementia can’t control their emotions and their personality changes completely, so they can be very different from the people you’ve ever known. Cognitive aging is a decrease in mental abilities with age. The prevalence of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease increases with age. These conditions are common in nearly 10% of people over 65.


Dementia varies in severity in various stages, from mild to more severe, when one has to depend on others. The fact that the disease occurs in older people does not mean that it is a normal part of aging and that we can not slow down the complication process.

Symptoms of the disease appear when healthy nerve cells or neurons in the brain stop working, lose contact with other cells and die. For this reason, it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle and keep your brain active, whether in the form of games, walks or other activities (

Since the beginning of this year, in partnership with, the foundation has developed two products to help people with dementia, one of which is a bag for the elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

What are the benefits of using such an aid in dementia and Alzheimer’s for patients:

  • Sensory activities are improving. This is extremely useful for people suffering from dementia, because by touching the individual elements in the bag, people relieve anxiety and move the fingers. Improving tactile sensations contributes to reducing the excitement and calmness of the elderly. Thus, patients in more advanced stages stimulate their brain activity safely.
  • Increase dexterity. With age, functional and cognitive decline decreases, so it is necessary to train dexterity constantly. There is a strong link between cognitive decline and impaired motor function of the hands. And as dexterity deteriorates with age, you need to constantly train, controlling finger movements in a coordinated and adaptive way, of course with controlled grip on small objects. That is why we have realized a product that gives a feeling of calm to the patients, as the elements in it are of appropriate dimensions so that they do not create discomfort and nervousness. Soft, pleasant to the touch shaggy fabric, turning the sequins, unbuttoning and fastening the built-in elements and connections are just some of the many components of manual dexterity.
  • They have a calming effect with the help of colors. Many studies have been conducted on which colors affect people with dementia. The conclusion is that these are red, blue and green. They are all used in the com bag. Blue has a calming effect and its use in the physical environment can lower blood pressure and create a feeling of coolness. Green, in turn, is a symbol of growth and still has a calming effect, reducing the activity of the central nervous system. In particular, lime green is effective in people with Alzheimer’s because it attracts visual attention focused on visual signs for bathrooms, bedrooms, walkers, etc. Pink, on the other hand, tends to alleviate aggression. Red color increases the activity of brain waves and attracts attention, which is important in patients.

Remember that there is nothing more important than health – ours and that of our loved ones. We should not underestimate the years and consequences of ignorance on the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s. By taking proper care and activities, and leading a healthy lifestyle, we can significantly slow down the aging and forgetting process.